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geographic location

This is the address of the observatory and geographic coordinates

  • Latitude: 34º 45' 19.3" S
  • Longitude: 56º 11' 24.6" W
  • Address: Cno. de Los Molinos 5769 esq. Cno. Uruguay (de la Cuchilla Pereira)
  • Postal Code: 12400 - Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Phone: (+598) 23208202

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how to arrive using public transport

Bus lines that arrives to street corner in Cno. de Los Molinos are:

  • G8 Line - (CUTCSA)

With frequency of 1:15 hs going from (Terminal Colón <-> Hipódromo de las Piedras) stops in Cno. Uruguay and Cno. de Los Molinos intersection

  • 276 Line - (CUTCSA)

With frequency of 1:20 hs going from (Cno. Uruguay and Mendoza intersection <-> Cantera Bonilla) stops in Cno. Uruguay and Cno. de Los Molinos intersection

  • 175 Line - (CUTCSA)

With frequency of 0:35 hs going from (Terminal Ciudadela <-> Las Piedras) stops in Cno. Uruguay and Cno. Burmester intersection, at 1-mile from Cno. de Los Molinos

Follow this linkn to access CUTCSA bus transport company for departure and arrival bus line schedules: CUTCSA - Departure and arrival schedule

Visitors must be aware that bus line service end up early in night and do not offer night-service, so self-transport is preferable in case of twilight visits.

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